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Lovely, long lashes frame your eyes for a captivating and appealing look. Unfortunately, the thick, lush lashes you had as a child may now be sparse, thin, or short. If you want to restore the full, abundant lashes that signal youth, it is time to consider finding out more about Latisse, and whether this product is right for you. Latisse is the first FDA-approved treatment that triggers natural lash growth. Nothing is more attractive than luxuriant, natural lashes – and they can be yours.

Inadequate Eyelashes:Resolved

Latisse is an easy-to-apply prescription product used along the upper lash line. The product encourages the natural growth of longer, thicker, darker lashes. Latisse should never be applied to the lower lid – it is strictly to increase lash growth along the upper lid. Thicker, darker, more abundant upper lashes will appear in about two months of daily application.

Developed by Allergen, makers of BOTOX and Juvéderm products, Latisse is safe when it is used as directed. Thick, long, dark lashes draw attention to your eyes, bringing a distinctly feminine look. Rather than the constant application of mascara, adding false lashes, or paying to have lash extensions, why not have beautiful lashes of your own? A prescription for Latisse makes it all possible.

Look Younger with Thick, Dark Lashes

When lashes are long, thick, and dark, it can be a dramatic facial enhancement. Beautiful eyes are magnetic, and when they are your own lashes, even more so. No more application and smudging from mascara, or the damage done to your lashes from the constant use of extensions. Whether you are tired of seeing thinning, short, or sparse lashes, or are planning a complete eye rejuvenation with eyelid surgery, brow lift, or another cosmetic procedure, Latisse can help you have the total look you envisioned – young, charismatic, and alluring.


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