Laser Acne Treatment

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Laser Acne Treatment

Acne is a problem that most people encounter during adolescence, and for some it continues into adulthood, leaving the face or other body area with redness and scars. Acne typically occurs on the face, neck, chest, and back, and can cause embarrassing side effects that impact appearance, or negatively affect feelings of self-esteem. For those who have persistent acne, or scarring, pitting, or discoloration from past acne breakouts may benefit from laser acne treatments. At Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery in Charlotte, NC, our clinicians are experienced with acne-related problems and can help improve skin smoothness, texture, and a more even skin tone to the affected areas.

How Laser Acne Treatment Works

The BBL (Broad Band Light) acne treatment works by targeting acne at the source. The light used in the treatment targets the p-acne bacteria on the surface as well as the sebaceous gland located below the surface of the skin. The number of treatments necessary will depend on the severity of acne symptoms and the size of the treatment area. Many patients need between 3 and 8 treatments, and results will be visible a couple weeks to couple months following the first treatment session. The side effects are very minimal and usually consist of redness or mild discomfort, which goes away shortly after the session. Patients can usually resume normal activities right away, making the treatments easy to fit into your busy schedule.

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Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery in Charlotte is operated by husband-and-wife team Dr. Bryan and Kara Criswell. They are highly trained and regarded as some of the most professional and effective plastic surgeons in the area. Their staff focuses on natural-looking results and caring, personalized service. Schedule and appointment with Criswell & Criswell to see if you are a good candidate for laser acne treatment – we can help you restore a smoother, more appealing skin texture and quality.


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