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Skin Care for Men in Charlotte

You have probably noticed that men and women have different skin. In addition to the obvious differences like facial hair, there are many genetic and complex structural differences between a man’s skin and a woman’s skin. Higher levels of testosterone cause a denser, tougher epidermis and sebum production levels that are much higher in men. All of this can cause problems including acne, oily skin, and shine issues. To look your best, men’s skin care involves more than just proper grooming; it requires an investment in your health and longevity.

Skin Treatments for Men

If you are interested in improving and maintaining a younger and healthier complexion, you will benefit from regular treatments at our Medical Spa. At Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery, our fully licensed estheticians and staff are experts in analyzing your skin and developing a plan to help you get healthier, younger looking skin. For the most part, maintaining young, firm, youthful looking skin is simple. Regular skincare at home, combined with treatments from your esthetician will go a long way. In addition, adding the occasional aggressivetreatment with a chemical peel or laser will further bring overall improvement and maintain your skin for a longer period of time.

Step One:

Skin Care Analysis: Call or email us to see one of our estheticians or one of our surgeons at either our SouthPark or Ballantyne Office. Our staff will talk to you about your goals, evaluate your skin and your needs, and create a skincare regimen that is tailored just for your skin type, and to address any problem areas.

Step Two:

Products: Just like you have to maintain your cars appearance with regular washing, waxing and routine maintenance, you need to give some attention to your skin. Our esthetician will offer recommend a home regimen consisting of skincare products designed for you. Generally this involves a cleanser (not soap), a toner to tighten your skin, and possibly some exfoliants or prescription creams for more improvement. Living in the Charlotte area demands that your skin care should also always involve the use of sun screen to protect from UV damage.

Step Three:

Facial Tightening: Whether you proceed with home skincare products, a skin tightening procedure with a special medical grade peel or light laser can do wonders in helping you maintain younger looking skin. These treatments are generally performed by our trained estheticians, and should take place in a series for maximum benefit. The general rule of thumb is that if a procedure has very little downtime, you will need a series of treatments to see more significant results.

Step Four:

Physician Grade Skin Care: If you’re ready for a more significant positive change in your skin, one of our surgeons, either Dr. Bryan Criswell or Dr. Kara Criswell, will recommend a more aggressive treatment that will deliver more significant and long-lasting improvement. This will involve the use of prescription skin care, a deep chemical peel like the Blue Peel, and or Laser Skin Resurfacing. This particular peel and this Laser treatment usually require you to be out of the public eye for four to seven days, depending on your skin and how aggressive your treatment is.

Step Five:

This next optional step involves caring for your skin after facial surgery. If you’re undergoing any type of surgical procedure, you might consider adding a chemical peel or laser treatment at the same time to minimize downtime. Our surgeons will frequently combine your surgical procedure with Laser Skin Resurfacing, a Blue Peel, Botox or Xeomin, or Dermal Fillers to address your skin care needs.

Skin Procedures for Men in Charlotte

Fact: Men and women have different skin. Men typically have thicker, oilier skin. Male facial skin qualities can lead to problems including acne, oily skin, and a rough, uneven texture. Age spots can also appear, adding years to your appearance. To look (and feel) your best, men can gain great benefit from having a customized skincare regimen to help maintain and protect against further damage, or restore a more youthful look.

Skincare for Men: Staying Young

Just like you need to exercise to stay fit and trim, caring for your skin is important. Your facial skin is exposed to the elements more than any other area, and is usually the first area to show the signs of aging. Modern guys have big advantages – the treatments available today are far superior to those in the past, and have been developed specifically to treat male facial skin. At Criswell & Criswell, we are happy to evaluate your skin, and discuss any problems you have, and develop a custom skincare plan that works for you.


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