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Mommy Makeover Charlotte, NC

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding takes a toll on a mother’s body. After nine months of growing and stretching to accommodate a baby, women can be dismayed when the body cannot return to its pre-baby condition. The stomach, legs, arms, and chest area may firm up with exercise, but if some sagging or other post-pregnancy problems are lingering, our Charlotte Mommy Makeover may be right for you. This type of cosmetic surgery can combine multiple procedures: a tummy tuck, breast enhancement, liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits, and often fat transfer to buttocks to restore pre-pregnancy shape. At Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery in Charlotte, NC, our surgeons combine common areas of concern into one surgery session restore your body to a trimmer, tighter appearance without going “under the knife” multiple times.

Your Mommy Makeover: A Customized Treatment, Just for You.

Every woman will be dealing with a unique situation, and every “Mommy Makeover” procedure is customized for the individual. Some of the most common problems that could be addressed with this treatment include:

  • Saggy breasts
  • Reduced breast tissue
  • Deflated-looking breasts
  • Enlarged nipples
  • Restore shape to flattened buttocks
  • Sagging excess skin, fat, and tissue on abdomen
  • Unsightly stretch marks
  • Excess fatty deposits on tummy, thighs, and flanks (love handles)

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Mommy Makeover Charlotte, NC

Tighten Your Stomach with a Tummy Tuck

Perhaps the most sought-after procedure after having a baby, a tummy tuck removes any loose or sagging skin and works to restore the stomach area to its pre-pregnancy firmness. Excess skin can make two-piece swimming suits and other tummy-revealing outfits impossible to wear, and make you feel less than self-confident in your appearance, but that won’t be an issue after our Charlotte, NC plastic surgeon completes the tummy tuck and you have fully healed.

Tummy Tuck Procedure to Restore and Tighten Abdomen

During the procedure, our skilled plastic surgeon at Criswell & Criswell will make an incision below the bikini line and remove excess skin from the stomach area.

The doctor will also tighten the muscles, and repair abdominal muscles that have separated. The procedure can be performed on women who have had natural childbirth or a Caesarean section. Many patients can expect the removal or reduction in appearance of a C-section scar after a tummy tuck.

There are a few different options of tummy tuck procedures that may be appropriate, depending upon the condition of the patient. Our plastic surgery team is here to guide you and help you make an informed decision.

Mommy Makeover Before & Afters

Mommy Makeover Charlotte, NC
Mommy Makeover Charlotte, NC

Breast Enhancement: Lift or Implants

After pregnancy and particularly after breastfeeding, women often lose the youthful, pre-pregnancy plumpness in the breasts. Sagging and loss of tissue from hormonal changes can be improved with breast augmentation surgical procedures. For those who do not wish to enlarge their breasts but want to reduce sagging, a breast lift addresses stretched and sagging skin and tissue.

Breast Lift or Breast Implants?

In a breast lift, an incision is made from the nipple down to the breast crease, and in some cases, along the crease. The surgeon then removes excess skin and may remold the remaining breast tissue to allow the breasts to sit higher and restore a more attractive breast shape. However, for women who want to add fullness to their breasts, implants may be the answer. Implants alone involve smaller incisions and less scarring than a breast lift, and add volume and firmness. Implants can also be joined by a breast lift for restoring both volume and perkiness. Implants are available in saline and silicone gel, and the skilled surgery professionals at our state-of-the-art surgery center in Charlotte can evaluate your condition to help you determine which procedure will be most effective for you.

Remove Excess Fat with Liposuction

Reducing stubborn fat deposits can enhance the final look of your post-baby body. While other procedures remove excess skin or tighten muscles, liposuction uses suction devices to remove fat from various areas of the body. Reducing fatty deposits in the waist, love handles and back complements the results of a tummy tuck, enhances the appearance of restored breasts, and can create that smooth, svelte, fit-looking figure you had prior to pregnancy.

Mommy Makeovers in Charlotte, North Carolina

Choosing to undergo a Mommy Makeover after having a baby is a difficult decision. It involves a few different procedures and requires 2-3 weeks of recovery. Husband-and-wife team Dr. Bryan Criswell and Dr. Kara Criswell own and operate Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery in the Charlotte area, and they focus on personalized care in every cosmetic procedure they perform. Every procedure has risks, but the skilled medical professionals at our surgical center focus on patient safety and health in every procedure. We can help restore the look of your pre-pregnancy body with a customized Mommy Makeover that will address each of your unique issues. Contact us today and schedule a consultation for arguably the best Mommy Makeover Charlotte, NC has to offer.


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