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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift in Charlotte

The Brazilian Butt Lift

A pretty behind is truly in the eye of the beholder. Your ideal behind may be petite and round or large with plenty of fullness. Whatever you have in mind as your ideal butt, a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) can help you achieve the look you are going for. For all sorts of reasons our behinds will change shape over time. Your behind may sag with age, or after children, or after weight loss. And after all of your hard work in the gym and yoga and bun toning exercises, you may still be left with a less than round, full rear. Some of the best plastic surgeons in NC are our plastic surgeons at Criswell & Criswell. Charlotte patients have confidence in our surgeons because they regularly perform buttocks shaping with the Brazilian Butt Lift method. If you are looking to get beautiful results from a Brazilian Butt Lift Charlotte NC patients have trusted for over 15 years, be sure to schedule a consultation at Criswell & Criswell.

Buttocks Enhancement

During your consultation with us, our plastic surgeons will talk to you about your specific goals and desires. After we understand your goals, our plastic surgeons will discuss one or both of these artistic techniques of buttocks enhancement to help you achieve the look you are going for.

Fat Grafting:

Patients have trusted our plastic surgeons at Criswell & Criswell to perform fat grafting for over 15 years. If your buttocks need some volume, either a little or a lot, our plastic surgeons will use your own fat to increase the size of part, or all of it. Fat grafting is a proven technique that involves removing fat from one area of your body with liposuction, and then transferring it to another area of your body. This fat is prepared by the plastic surgeon and then injected into your buttocks (or any other part of your body). This transferred fat enhances your buttocks in areas it was deficient, filling out flat areas and lifting your entire behind. Skin surface contour irregularities can be corrected as well. The great part about fat grafting is you also benefit from the liposuction part of the BBL procedure. A two-for-one, if you will. The only scars from this minimally invasive procedure are the small openings made for the injections.

Surgical Butt Lift:

If you have plenty of fullness in your behind, but have a problem with sagging or a flat looking behind, your plastic surgeon may recommend a surgical butt lift. This procedure physically lifts your behind to help give you more fullness in your upper buttocks and to overcome the effects of gravity and time. Our plastic surgeons will often use the technique butt auto-augmentation. This involves repositioning your existing volume to different areas of your buttocks to give you a younger, rounder looking behind. This surgery does involve making more of an incision than fat grafting alone, but our plastic surgeons will work with you to place the scars where they can be hidden in your underwear or bathing suit.

For some patients, fat grafting is combined with a buttock augmentation in Charlotte NC in one operation to achieve the balanced look they desire. With either a surgical lift or a lift combined with enhancement, patients have achieved a rounder, fuller and firmer buttocks.

For patients who want fuller buttocks but also have imperfections of shape and tone that require correction, our plastic surgeons can combine the fat transfer procedure with a surgical butt lift. Performed during one operation, these 2 techniques can work together to increase volume while reducing sagging, folds and other contour irregularities*. Generally, this results in a smoother, curvier backside that will enhance your silhouette as well as the fit of your jeans*.

Any one of these methods of butt enhancement can be performed in conjunction with a thigh lift or body lift to bring better proportion to the entire region.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Photo

*Individual results may vary*

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