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SculpSure Non-Invasive Fat Reduction in Charlotte, NC at Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery

Without any downtime, FDA-cleared SculpSure disables fat cellsYou know how there’s good fat and bad fat? Well, it turns out that there’s also good skinny and bad skinny. According to a recent health report in Vogue, an astonishing 40 percent of skinny people could be considered “bad” skinny, or “metabolically obese.” Yikes!

Now, for the good news. While we all know that too much body fat is bad, at least we know what to do about it. Healthy eating habits and exercise are paramount. And when those measures fail, you can get SculpSure® at Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery. While we wouldn’t tout SculpSure as a “health” tool, this non-invasive fat-reduction treatment can reduce stubborn pockets of fat on your abdomen, love handles, and flanks for a slimmer appearance and a lower percentage of body fat.

Without any downtime, FDA-cleared SculpSure disables fat cells, which are then naturally flushed away by the body in the weeks and months following treatment. Keep in mind that SculpSure makes a smart addition, not a substitute, to a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating habits and exercise will go a long way toward ensuring your SculpSure results have staying power.

This spring, forget about “bad” fat and be good to yourself with a fat-reduction treatment! Getting started is easy by calling us at 704.424.5050.

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