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On February 29, 2012 Dr. Kara Criswell performed a face lift on me. I am completely happy with the results and with the experience. I wanted to look like myself and not look stretched. We talked about all of this and I have exactly the results I wanted. I look younger, look just like myself and yet there is not stretched look. I recently spent time with old girlfriends and they did not know I had the “procedure” they just thought that I looked really, really good! Working with Dr. Criswell was such a positive experience. She really listens to her patients. I was anxious about the procedure and went to her with lots of questions. She did not mind my questions and I discovered the confidence she posesses about her abilities. Not all doctors are gracious about patients asking questions, most especially about their experience. Later when I told her that I had decided to go with her, she took my right hand in both of her very strong hands, looked me directly in the eyes and said, “Kathleen, you are going to look like yourself and you will look natural.” What a comfort those words were to me and, of course, she delivered those results. I had interviewed five other plastic surgeons in this area then chose Dr. Criswell and am very happy that I went with her. She truly understands what a woman wants and is so very capable of delivering beautilful results.

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