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I see my body with pride and joy!

The original surgeon who performed my first cosmetic surgery had retired, leaving me with high hopes of finding another skilled surgeon. I was recommended a few but didn’t feel the special warm in care and reception like I did after meeting Dr. Kara Criswell. Her ability to listen, understand and carefully explain every detail absolutely convinced me that I would receive the results I was looking for. To my surprise on my pre-op I received a personalized packaged I faithfully believe did wonders for my healing/bruising. Dr. Kara has an amazing way of showing her expertise in choosing what is right for each individual. The care I received from Dr. Kara, and the personalized attention her staff offers is outstanding. My recovery and my results have surpassed my expectations. I am without a doubt totally convinced Dr. Kara is a “Highly Gifted” surgeon who has re-invented the wheel in cosmetic surgery. I indeed have an everlasting smile when I see my body with pride and joy!

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