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Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction in Charlotte

Latissimus flap breast reconstruction, like the TRAM flap, uses a woman’s own tissue to restore her breast. The latissimus flap breast reconstruction uses the skin and muscle from the upper back and rotates this tissue around to the front of the chest. While the latissimus can be an excellent choice for some women, because of the popularity of the TRAM flap, it is often reserved for patients in whom the TRAM reconstruction is not a good option. This group of patients includes extremely thin patients without much abdominal tissue, or those who have previously undergone extensive abdominal operations.

During this breast reconstruction, an incision is made in the back, often hidden the bra line. The skin and muscle of the latissimus is then rotated forward to the chest wall, to recreate the breast.Back Diagram of Latissimus Flap Breast ReconstructionSide Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction DiagramThe latissimus flap is a smaller flap than the TRAM, and it is often not large enough to restore adequate volume to the breast. In these cases, a woman can chose to either have an breast implant placed with the latissimus flap, or possibly undergo a breast reduction on the other breast.


Front Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction Diagram

As mentioned in the above breast reconstruction options, the nipple and areola are restored during an additional stage.

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