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Pug Nose Correction in Charlotte — Rhinoplasty

March 14, 2016, 12:37 am

Is having a pug nose holding you back from having the perfect nose you’ve always wanted? Pug nose, also known as saddle nose or boxer’s nose, is characterized by a concave area in the bridge of the nose and is often caused by nasal trauma. See our highly skilled plastic surgeons for a pug nose correction.

Having a pug nose deformity can make breathing difficult and cause other functional issues. The worse the degree of saddling – the depth of the concave area – the more chance of problems with functionality.

One of the positives of this is that there is a better chance your insurance will cover pug nose correction surgery than a purely aesthetic rhinoplasty procedure.

Alleviate chronic nasal issues with rhinoplasty – contact our office for a pug nose correction consultation. Experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Criswell serves the Charlotte area. Set up a consultation today.

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