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Neck Lift Surgery — Charlotte Platysmaplasty

July 26, 2015, 7:29 pm

Neck lift surgery varies slightly depending on the issues being addressed. It can involve any combination of a platysmaplasty (to correct neck bands), a cervicoplasty (to trim away loose skin), and neck liposuction (to excise fatty tissue).

Vertical neck bands are more closely linked to the muscles than the skin. If you have a turkey-wattle-like neck area and vertical bands, you’ll need the platysma muscle tissue reshaped, removed, or tightened, possibly through the use of internal sutures.

The platysma is a type of large muscle that covers the area from the chest to the lower jaw. Modification or removal of this tissue will require the neck lift surgery known as a platysmaplasty. The platysmaplasty neck lift surgery does involve general or local anesthesia, often depending on the amount of work predicated.

So if platysmaplasty sounds like the right neck lift surgery for you, contact our office in the Charlotte area for a consultation. Doctors Bryan and Kara Criswell are board-certified plastic surgeons with years of experience.

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