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Fat Injections

Fat injection involves injecting your own fat into areas of your face that have lost volume from the aging process or have developed deep creases and folds. It can also be used to create fuller, more youthful lips. With this procedure, since natural tissue is used, you will enjoy long-lasting results.

Autologous fat injections or fat transfer are terms used to define injectable soft-tissue augmentation using your own fat. Your fat can be extracted (harvested) and reinjected into your lips, facial creases or hands.

There is no risk of allergy and your body won’t reject the graft. Typically, the fat is extracted from the abdomen, buttocks or thighs through minor liposuction. Fat transfer requires local anesthesia and may require a few weeks for swelling and bruising to diminish if large quantities of fat and areas are injected.

If smaller areas are injected, local swelling may diminish within a week. Some of the fat injected will be reabsorbed over time, so you may need more than one treatment to truly achieve and maintain the fullness you desire.

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