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Breast Augmentation Post-Op — Charlotte Recovery

August 15, 2015, 12:35 am

Many people do a good amount of research on surgery before they elect to undergo a procedure. Yet these same people can often overlook the recovery care aspect and are left unprepared when they finally sit down with the doctor. This is especially true for the most popular surgical procedure in the U.S.: breast augmentation. For those interested in this procedure, be sure to listen closely to your surgeon about the breast augmentation post-op healing process.

Expect to have some degree of soreness or chest pressure for at least a day or two after surgery. For some women, this may last longer. Pain medication will be given to help with any discomfort during this time.

Most of our patients do not have much pain or nausea, but as part of your pre-operative visit, we will write prescriptions for you for pain and anti-nausea medication. Usually after a breast augmentation, patients take pain pills and antibiotics.

The sutures will remain intact for about two weeks after surgery. The removal process is quick, and the surgeon will utilize this opportunity to assess the progress of your breast augmentation post-op recovery.

Contact board-certified Drs. Bryan and Kara Criswell for more details on the breast augmentation post-op healing process.

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