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Breast Augmentation — Charlotte Breast Implants

December 6, 2015, 12:14 am

During a consultation for a breast augmentation, the size of the breast implants that will be placed is always discussed. A recommendation for breast implant size is made by board-certified plastic surgeons Drs. Bryan and Kara Criswell. The patient can choose the implant size she prefers.

The desired implant size is chosen by using sample breast implant inserts. This will give the patient a general idea of what the breast size will be after surgery.

Even though the exact cup size after a breast augmentation cannot be perfectly predicted, a good idea of the after-surgery size can be learned by using this method.

Many patients wish to have an implant size that makes the breasts in better proportion to the rest of the body. Some patients want a larger size than this. When choosing breast implant size, the patient always wants to select a size that makes a visible difference.

For more details regarding breast augmentation, contact our Charlotte offices to set up a consultation.

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