Buttocks Augmentation

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Buttocks Augmentation in Charlotte, NC

Buttocks Augmentation in Charlotte, NC is a term used to describe a group of techniques that tone, tighten, enhance and lift a patient’s buttocks. From a surgical lift to adding volume to the butt, your procedure is tailored to your desires and your existing proportions. Below are some of the techniques used to enhance and shape your posterior.

Like other body lifts, buttocks lift surgery is useful for removing excess skin while toning and tightening the remaining skin. Some patients benefit from liposculpture to restore a more youthful shape and help improve definition of the buttocks, lower back and upper posterior thighs. Other patients may actually need enhancement of their buttocks through more invasive buttocks augmentation procedures. This can be performed with buttock implants or by injecting the patient’s own fat taken from other areas of the body. This fat injection technique is called a Brazilian Butt Lift in Charlotte, NC. With either a simple butt lift or a lift with enhancement, patients can achieve rounder, fuller and firmer buttocks*.

*Individual results may vary*


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